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the big four so far in 2017:

roger: playing like he’s never even been away
rafa: petting a koala
novak: winning a set from 5-1 down
andy: tripping and yelling “OH FUCK” right under the umpire’s chair while changing sides during his doubles match

i love this year already.

update on the big four:

roger: completely embarrassed himself with Bongo Cam™
rafa: finished a match 61 61 with 30 winners and only 7 UE (on hard court)
novak: was asked by the guy he beat to take a selfie with him immediately after said game ended
andy: got a whole total of 2 (two) correct challenges in a single match

and so 2017 continues to be great!!

inspired by recent events i bring you another update:

roger: was so pissed he was 0-3 in the third set of his 2R AO 17 match he let out a “I can’t put a fucking ball in the court” (low, didn’t get a warning)
rafa: had his on-court interview interrupted by a group of fans shouting “we love you rafa”, responded with “i love you too” and a huge smile!!
novak: got knocked out of AO 17 by a guy ranked out of the top 100 who got a WC for the tournament after saving match point against a guy ranked out of the top 300 in an asian regional play-off
andy: twisted his ankle and fell down in the beginning of third set but proceeded to break his opponent in the same game

while i can’t exactly say 2017 is great, it sure continues to be wild


roger: having a tickle fight with stanislas the manislas during practice 
rafa: upgraded to #2 seed after a withdraw in Acapulco, escapes novak’s half
novak: wildcard into a tournament, stealing the #1 seed place
andy: got sick right after being upset in AO ‘17

+ roger and andy: got married in a beach in Dubai, holding 2 receptions later this year (April 10th and November 7th) 

this year continues its wildness

in light of recent events I bring you:

THE SPRING UPDATE (or autumn, if you’re in the good ol’ southern hemisphere)

roger: basically skipping entire clay court swing for old age some reason. insists he’ll play Rolland Garros but is “practicing with Wimbledon balls on hard courts”. 
rafa: became the first man in the open era to win a tournament 10 times (twice!!) and almost lost his shorts at the Barcelona celebration.  
novak: dumped his entire team (including his coach from 11 years) + crashed his guru’s car in Madrid #HelpNovakDjokovic


… I’m kinda scared of what the grass season holds in store for us… 

so, one week before RG,  

roger: fooled us all, won’t play RG after all but instead attended pippa middleton’s wedding for some reason no one knows

rafa: went out in rome QFs and was back on some golf court within 24h of the loss bc he’d just won 3 straight tournaments so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
andy: lost his opening match against fabio fognini after basically supplying fabio with his game plan
novak: annihilated thiem in the SF, then got v. excited about thunderstorms, flopped the final to sascha zverev and announced andre agassi as his new coach for RG right after (srsly andre, pls help this guy)

basically, fedal are just chilling. meanwhile novak and andy… heaven knows.