@rogersnadal, @rogerandrafan and I (@riceandshine​) have moved the tennis network to its own blog!


Likely, you’re going to receive a message asking for your twitter handle, and your top 5 favourite tennis players (we’re mixing ATP/WTA players). We think this will make it easier to find people who love similar players. Additionally, we’ve found that people do a lot of livetweeting re: games, or discuss tennis often on twitter, and it might do to have people be able to connect there.

If you weren’t on the previous tennis network, and you’d like to be, please go to our submission page and follow the instructions, and we’ll add you to the network!

We’ll update the network once every month, removing inactive blogs (no updates/tennis posts for 4 weeks). 

Additionally, we’ll be posting things onto this blog that are either posted by the members of the network, or posted on the tennisedit/tennistext tags. We can’t promise we’ll catch everything, but we’ll be posting different players, so if you’re looking for a tennis blog that doesn’t focus on only one player, then feel free to follow us!