roger’s ig post!!!!!!!!! the pic of him staring lovingly at rafa and the one with rafa in his arms im 😭😭😭 roger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wtf Roger. Can you imagine him go through the Fedal tag on twitter and save the pics on his phone, and then tweet them with a smile on his face….He. Just. Loves. Rafa. and. I. Am. Not. Even. Joking. He is hopelessly in love.
I wonder what changed in their dynamics. They have always been special but they used to keep a distance as rivals, especially Roger. Now he can’t stop talking about Rafa, keep his hands off Rafa, joking with Rafa. His affections are bursting to the point he needs to show it in public and wants the world to know.

He must be so deeply in love, to have that kind of affection for his biggest rival, who has denied him so many trophies.