Hi! Do you have any good Fedal fic recs and do you write fic yourself? There are such few Fedal fics comparatively, so I’m having to re-read everything. Thanks!

I don’t write fics because I am not able to. English isn’t my native language. There are indeed so few Fedal fics but we do have some really good ones despite that. 

My favourite ones:

Mystivy writes the BEST Fedal fics. Her long fic, Joy, is my recent fav. Believe me. You will be overwhelmed by emotions. I am also impressed by how well-researched this fic is. I think Mystivy is one of the few authors out there who gets Rafa right. Make sure to read her other fics. Every fic from her is a masterpiece.

The Match of the Century – AU where Roger and Rafa are actors. I constantly go back to this fic because despite its AU setting Roger and Rafa are very in character. You will read about how Roger struggles to accept he is in love with Rafa because of his career, and how finally he accepts it. The ending will make you SO happy. 

All the Roads We Have to Walk
. “Thirteen years after Roger Federer’s retirement from professional tennis, the release of a new movie chronicling his famous rivalry with Rafael Nadal brings the two back together in London. Rekindling their friendship, Rafa invites Roger to visit his home in Mallorca, where as they relive shared memories, their relationship deepens.”  In this fic Roger realises Rafa is what is missing from his life. I can’t tell you how beautiful this fic is. You have to read it for yourself.

The Long Experience of Love – based on The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. This is probably my favourite Fedal fic, although it feels like a WIP. It has probably the best portrayal of Roger I have ever read, bearing in mind it was written years ago and the fic covers Roger from his youth to his older age. When I re-read it recently I have been amazed by how realistic the Roger of 30s in the story is. Warning: it doesn’t exactly have a happy ending and it might make you cry at certain points.    

A Life as known – in which Rafa coaches Roger and the coaching relationship gradually changes into something else. This one is special. It is made up of different scenes, some from the POV from different people in their lives.

Some others I highly recommend: 

Fallen – AU where Roger is pregnant with Rafa’s child after a night of passion. It follows the journey of his pregnancy, and how Rafa is dealing with Roger not allowing him to be responsible for the child. I know the concept sounds a bit weird. But do give it a go. You will have a pleasant surprise like I did.

From the heart – Recently re-uploaded on AO3 by the holy louise_lux. Rafa and Roger are bought together again as commentators long after their tennis careers.

Beautiful Secret Lives – Eight ways Fedal could happen. It’s a shame rilla only wrote two Fedal fics, this one and the Long experience of love.

return to ithaca – AU where no one remembers Roger and Rafa’s legendary tennis careers, except the two of them.

Before Summer Rain: Rafa and Roger are in some sort of relationship until Roger decides it is no more. The question of what is the right thing to do defines this fic. 

Breathe Out: Roger visits Rafa in Mallorca. They spend time alone together.

Wild Card: emungere writes the most must-read long fics. Roger is gay. He and Mirka have some sort of arrangement. Rafa finds out.

Desert places: another epic by emungere. I don’t think it has the best characterisation but it is an epic road trip fic. Check out Obvious as well. Rafa has a huge crush on Roger and the Spaniards tease him about it. Roger and Rafa are both very sweet in this one.

Within – Very angsty. It doesn’t have the best characerisation of Fedal but it is gripping. You will be emotionally torn. I read it in one go and when I finished it at 5 am I was a wreck. Go check out it’s a new dawn by the same author as well. 

Days like these I miss you – Rafa and Roger are hooking up but they don’t know if they are in a relationship. buckle-berry is another name you won’t want to miss in the Fedal fandom.

Check out this link as well for other good fedal fic recs. I will be updating this post from time to time.