whats your favorite fedal fanfic?

You can check out my post here. Recently I have done a fic rec post and you can find my favourite fics there.
My absolute favourite fic is the Long Experience of Love by rilla. It is based on the book the Time Travellers’ Wife. Roger has a condition such that he time-travels back to the past and future to some unknown places. He visits young Rafa in his childhood and his teenage years. Rafa falls in love with him, but he has to wait for the present Roger to show up in his life and get to know him all over again. It’s very well-structured and it gives me different feelings every time I re-read it – with hindsight some scenes are even more overwhelming. You will read about heartbreaks, pain and joy. It’s an incredible journey.

My favourite scene from the fic, is young Rafa asking future Roger to describe his future wife, and then getting upset because he thought Roger and him wouldn’t be together. And then Roger let something slip… you have to read it to know what happens😉