Did you hear the news that an artist made a th…

Did you hear the news that an artist made a three piece artwork showing Rafa in Roger's arms and that it was purchased by the Rafa Nadal Academy?? It will be displayed at the academy. The news is over Reddit and Fedal twitter channels. I am like OMG so the academy is also Fedal shipper!! They never cease to surprise us!!

I just saw the news.
I hope we will hear more about this story. Absolutely amazing, though not entirely unbelievable given what we have seen over this year πŸ˜‰ I hope they will make a Fedal collection at the RN Academy, starting from the 2008 Wimbledon outfits which are already on display and seen by Roger during his visit last year. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms was an iconic moment not only for Fedal but also in tennis. The Academy buying the artwork really shows how much Rafa adores Roger, how much he cherishes this relationship. And I think the sportsmanship of these two great rivals respecting and admiring each other is the reason why the Academy would like to have the artwork displayed and be seen by aspiring tennis players and kids. What a great example these two have been in the tennis world.