Continuing on my last ask about the fallout be…

Continuing on my last ask about the fallout between Rafa and Roger, roger was seen throwing the ball against the scoreboard because he was irritated in the game. It's roger! this has happened in the last two matches he played, after Rafa left. I mean, even after he qualified for semis, he was irritated and in a bad mood.. I just feel that fedal are not currently ok. :/

I was trying to wait for more stuff to surface before I answered this Ask. I think Roger sometimes could be irritated at himself due to poor play although not very often. And he was indeed awful throughout the event so it might not necessarily be a result of him having some bad days with Rafa. But we fans can only speculate so I think anything was possible, including your speculation.

A few days ago there was news of Rafa buying an artwork of the Fedal jump which would be displayed at the RN Academy so I hope this would remind Roger and Rafa of their good days at LC and be on good terms again if there was indeed any problem between them.