I don't know why but as the time goes by …

I don't know why but as the time goes by I'm getting the feeling that there might be something going on between Roger and Rafa and for real this time. 2017 has been like their "coming out year". They're less subtle than they used to be. And this year Roger got me thinking that he really cares about Rafa and so on. So do you think that they're "just friends" or sth more like it's undescribable. Thanks for answering 🌞.

They are never “just friends” given the enormity of their rivalry which has the word “destiny” written all over. I think as time goes by Roger appreciates more of such a special relationship which he previously was unaware, or refused to acknowledge, as he was going for career achievement. Rafa was seen as a rival and a barrier to his further achievement so I think even though Roger felt anything he didn’t let it blossom when he was at his career height.

But now things are different and the injury made Roger realise how fortunate he is to simply play tennis. And him getting through what Rafa has gone through also made him realise how tough it is to come back from an injury and thus admire Rafa more.

As for Rafa, he used to look at Roger with puppy eyes when he was still a teenager. I believe he stopped doing that because of maturity and/or Roger not returning the favour. But now Roger is more vocal about his feeling for Rafa so Rafa started to open up too.

Fans can’t tell if there’s anything romantic involved between these two. But the way they interact, is something very special, and to me it reflects their awareness of a great rivalry turning into a great friendship, which is almost unprecedented in sports. That’s one of the reasons why they look at each other that way I believe.