Thank you Tennis Gods, for 2017

1. Serena won AO while pregnant and she had a beautiful baby girl with the initials AO, she married a dude who thinks she’s the GOATest (which is true) and she is amazing

2. I still think of AO and I cry

3. Fedal being the greatest again and splitting slams and being cuties about each other

4. Rafa jumping into Roger’s arms, I mean, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???????

5. I’m so glad Grisha actually won something relevant, he deserved it

And all the things Fedal said about each other, it’s like their coming out year.

Roger: “We can’t get enough of each other.”

Roger: “ They undress you. They uncover you.”

Rafa:“This is your house.”

Rafa: *Blushing* “Don’t want to look like Roger’s boyfriend.”