Rafael Nadal: “Provo una profonda stima per Fe…

Rafael Nadal: “Provo una profonda stima per Federer” – Tennis Circus:


A rough translation:

Rafa started the interview recalling what happened to him in 2014: β€œI have had a number of injuries and various health problems, especially on the wrist and back. At the end of the year I also had to undergo an appendicitis surgery. As a result, I started the next season with many unknowns, but I never lost the enthusiasm. At the end of 2015 I returned to playing with good results. However, when I overcame all my problems, I suffered a wrist injury during Roland Garros, which forced me to stay away from camps for almost the entire year.“Β 

Remember that despite the wrist problems, Nadal took part in the Rio Olympics to represent Spain, succeeding in achieving bronze in singles and gold in doubles. In this regard, he said: "The Olympic Games were special to me. I was excited to represent my country. Especially because at London I could not do it. Then I took a break to recover from injury and play a 2017 in good condition.”

Asked if Carlos Moya had a positive influence on his tennis, Rafa replied, β€œCarlos’s addition to the team has benefited everyone. Besides being a friend, he is a capable person. With my uncle Toni I’ve spent a lot of time, especially at the most complex stages of my career. Carlos has arrived at the right time."Β 

The Balearic champion then talked about his relationship with Roger Federer, whom he said is not a friend of his own, but a person for whom he has a great esteem both as a player and as a person: "My true friends are those of Majorca, those of a lifetime. With Roger I have a great relationship, based on respect. It is impossible not to give a special appreciation to a person with whom I have competed so many times during my career. Playing with him in the Laver Cup was really exciting. We both enjoyed it and we did our best to make our fans happy.”

Finally, Nadal talked about the project of the academy that he put in his Majorca home: β€œThe great promoter was my father. Together with other people we have accomplished this idea. So far everything has worked so well that we have already achieved many goals. The first of these was to have more than 120 children living, studying and training at the academy throughout the year. ”