“It started off by me waiting for Rafa, because he always shows up late. No problem. We waited there. We were just…super tiny room. It was hot as…hot as hell there. We had the script. Everybody said, "Okay, two minutes. It’s gonna be super simple. We’ve got a script. Normally you can’t mess it up. And we sit down, and all these 10, 15 people in the room, "Okay, everything’s gotta be fast.” Because Rafa gotta go, I gotta go. So we sit down and I start talking and I look over to him and he looks at me. The moment he looked at me I just couldn’t talk anymore. I thought it was so awkward, that moment.

– Roger Federer on himself still not realising he’d been in love with Rafa when he shot the video promoting the charity match x