Novak: “I still know what I’m capable of…

Novak: “I still know what I’m capable of, and I believe in my own abilities to win against the best players in the world. I know that if I get myself to my desired level of performance – mental and physical – that I can actually have a good chance to go far in the tournament. Now, whether my approach is different to this year’s Australian Open to other previous years, probably yes. It’s different circumstances. But it is exciting. Honestly, it’s a good place to be.”

Novak on Federer and Nadal: “I mean, Roger and Rafa’s year last year has shown age is just a number, especially in Roger’s case. He’s a great example of someone that manages to take care of himself, knows how to prepare well and peak at the right time. He won a couple of Grand Slams. Who would predict that after his six months of absence? So everything is possible really. I don’t know how my body’s going to behave this year or any other year. Right now all I can think about, and where I can sort of direct my energy, is in the present moment. So far everything is going in the right direction.”

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