Thank you for killing me with your photoset be…

Thank you for killing me with your photoset below, but at least I die smiling. No, the last one is particularly adorable and I miss them too, I had so much hopes for 2018, The most important thing now is Rafas health, but do you think we will get to see a final with both of them this year? Or Roger and Rafa together at Laver Cup in Chicago? Have you ever seen them live on court? Thanks and have a good day x


I think we will see them play a final this year, very likely if Roger plays on clay again. As for Laver Cup, I don’t think anything would top that jump into Roger’s arms last year😭😭 it was so unexpected yet so appropriate considering the occasion. The Laver Cup was about them and only them together. Roger is very likely to play in LC again which is owned by him but Rafa may not, especially if he has injury problems. But I really hope they will play doubles together again.
I have seen Roger and Rafa play but not them on court at the same time. Last year I thought I had a chance to see that happen since I had a USO Semi finals ticket. But Roger lost in the QFs to Delpo 🙁 still hope I will get to see Fedal on court one day.