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Nadal when asked if he misses playing against Djokovic:

“It’s better to not play him.”

“I am not this kind of stupid guys that says, ‘No, I want to play (against him).’ No, no.”

Rafa Nadal in 2017 before AO Final:

“It’s special to play with Roger again in a final of a Grand Slam. I cannot lie, it’s great. It’s exciting for me and for both of us that we are still there and we still fighting for important events. So that’s important for us, I think.”



“They both know that there will be no return to this conversation, this atmosphere. No waiting, even. It’s just a sort of missed opportunity, moving past each other like two planets destined to cross each other’s path but never collide. Roger thinks he might be okay with that, maybe. Two ships passing in the night, something like that. Still, as he goes outside and pastes on a smile, he can’t shake the feeling that this has been the end of something more than tennis.”

Beautiful Secret Lives by rilla

5/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me


Rafa’s fingers tighten around Roger’s hand. He steps closer, his face inches from Roger’s own. “And now you understand,” says Rafa.

They are almost pressed together. Roger can feel the heat from his body. “Yes,” he says.

“Now, when you have children and a wife, and I am engaged,” says Rafa.

Roger nods. “I know,” he says.

“When it’s too late,” says Rafa.

“I know,” says Roger, again. “I’m sorry.”

Zero Sum by mystivy

4/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me


The main entrance of Roland Garros is closed. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be, it is the middle of winter after all. Roger lets his fingers linger on the cool metal of the gates.

He ends up sitting in a café a few streets away from the station, frowning at the postcard he bought. What can he say? I’m trying this whole mourning process thing, confronting the past and all that but the grounds are closed to me and how am I supposed to mourn something I can’t touch, I can’t see? No. The last time we played here you were wearing a shade of blue that coloured every one of my dreams for months. Not that either. If I had known, maybe I would have played in Paris.

return to ithaca by Eliane

3/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me


“Okay,” Rafa says, and Roger can’t tell if he’s accepting Roger’s apology or merely acknowledging that there has been one. “You know why I don’t say we are friends,” he adds. It’s not a question.

“Yeah,” Roger still admits. “It’s just… Doesn’t it bother you? There will be history books about us, you know, but no one will remember this. Us. The books about us will never be about us.” 

a normal life by Eliane

2/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me

Things you do better with your wife.

Things you do better with your wife.


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“Forget the line,” he interrupted. “I’m not some journalist. Don’t tell me you never wished that guy would get out of your way. Never wondered what it would be like if he wasn’t around.”

Rafa met his gaze, dark eyes unreadable. “I would rather lose to you,” he said, “than win everything in a world where you never exist.”

Tennis Is Not A Game You Play Alone by Serenade

1/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me


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Since we are on a dry spell when it comes to s…

Since we are on a dry spell when it comes to some Rafa-Roger action, your idea is amazing, I'm looking forward to some beautiful, heartbreaking or maybe also funny quotes. I have no tumblr acount but maybe I post some fedal fic quotes that are still haunting me here if I may? Thanks for keeping Fedal alive!

Yes please! Our boys won’t meet until probably the grass season or even the hard court season so AO3 is where I reside currently. I do need some suggestions since I can only come up with a few without actually going through the fics. You are more than welcome to remind me of some good ones!