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When the sun goes down,

and the band won’t play,

I’ll always remember us this way.

hey!! good to have you back with your life-saving content πŸ˜‰ Anyways, the vid for mia has been taken down! what the hell? did twter took it down or had Gdsick anything to do with it? Maybe the kiss at the end was too much for some delicate minds

Hmm posting that near Valentine’s day with the kiss at the end was the right thing to do. It was WRONG to delete it. They should just call it by its name. It’s love! More Fedal kisses!

The way they showed the “kiss cam” in the official vid of Match in Africa…


Let’s connect the dots –

Roger: I would love to send my kids to Rafa’s academy to learn tennis

Toni Nadal: Rafa would gladly take Roger on a boat when he retires

Roger after LC 2017: I would like to return to Prague with Rafa and our kids

Also Roger: I would love to teach tennis in Rafa’s academy

People, take. The. Hints.

at the RNA –


The sportsmanship of Fedal 😭

Also Roger: It’s so personal. It’s so intense.

Best Fedal picture of 2019

I know it’s already February 2020. Sorry for being late! You’ve voted and here’s the most voted Fedal pic of 2019 β™₯️ Thanks all for voting!


This is so rude I am hurt 😩😩😩

Never in doubt Roger would do anything Rafa says (yes, even without “Simon says”). He lost even before the game began.


Apparently Rafa was proud for his boyfriend and he was crying in 2009 when he won the French Open and we just got informed about it.

Can we talk about the context of Rafa telling Roger about that?! It’s not news to us since Rafa talked about it many years ago that he cried for Rog in RG 2009. But under what circumstances would Rafa tell that to Roger? In a hotel room? In a private lunch meeting? How did Roger respond to that?!

I missed sooooo much where have u been ? U tought you'd never post again i'm so happy that you are back

I’m sorry β™₯️ It was the off-season and real life keeping me occupied for a while. However I have been keeping up with everything Fedal so I’ll get back to posting right away! Thanks for the love!

I’m back to Fedal 😍😭