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guys I’m emotional because Roger just said if he chose another sport, he would cheer for Rafa in tennis.


Federer was asked who would he cheer for if he would not have chosen tennis as a profession. “For sure Rafa”, said Roger Federer. “He is exciting, energetic, the ideal guy for young guys”, he continued. “I appreciate both of them (Novak and Rafa) a lot, they play an unbelievably physical tennis, they are younger than me but I feel better physically than how I was doing at 20 years”, he added.

Roger Federer on who he would cheer for if he didn’t play tennis


Final 8 for World Tour Finals

Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal

Alex Zverev

Marin Cilic

Kevin Anderson

Kei Nishikori

Does this give anyone Laver Cup vibes?🤔

And the moment you realise the Fedal Family (and Uncle Cilic) will spend some time togther😭😭

Hello,I'm contacting you from The Sunday …

Hello,I'm contacting you from The Sunday Times Magazine, where we have an exclusive interview with Roger Federer coming out this weekend. It's a fascinating read and one I'm sure you and rest of Tennis And Life fans will find interesting. Would you be happy to share it with your group when it's published on Sunday? If so, I'll send you a link to the piece as soon as it goes live. We are behind a paywall, but feel free to let your followers know that if they enter thei

Hi. Thanks for contacting me. I saw the article online but as you said it’s behind a paywall so I couldn’t read it. I am sure people here would love to read it, if you could let us know some of the content from the article. Many thanks.


So Roger went to Paris not only to play but also to see Rafa before he had to pull out….


Rafa being proud of his rival boyfriend😍


Just get married.




The Fedal Family – Part 1

Rafa and Roger are the best tennis parents –

eager to give tennis advice,

loving, showing lots of physical affection,

proud of their sons and supportive,

they are the best cheerleaders for the kids.

And the lovely kids like to put a smile on their parents’ faces.

Part 2

They give the love back,

and observe and learn from their wise parents,

who think ahead and plan for their future financial needs.

This family is special,

because the parents have been in love since more than 10 years ago, and still very much so,

and the kids are each other’s best friends.

Last but not least,

they are probably the only professional family which share a prestigious tennis trophy.

The most beautiful tennis family 🎾

Can we pretend 2018 never happened? Tennis was…

Can we pretend 2018 never happened? Tennis was cancelled in 2018.

Oh but Roger and Rafa did win slams in 2018…. It’s daunting to think about 2019 and what we will see as soon as at the AO….😣

this is so amazing!! the gifs with Rafa helpin…

this is so amazing!! the gifs with Rafa helping Roger off the boat with their "water-sunset-date", I've never seen them befor! Good content there, very good content. I wish they would do something like that soon again, touching, holding hands, dating…

They were not very subtle, were they?😏 They used to do many events for ATP together. I think now it’s less possible given their respective schedules. I hope they will see each other very soon, hopefully they will face off at the ATP Finals. If Rafa plays the Laver Cup next year I’m sure there will be more PDA.