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Take me back to Match in Africa 😭

The way little Rafa looked at Roger, and the way they became equal and are growing old together now 😭

Roger: I have to admit that yesterday Rafa was very cute with the kids

So, can we talk about how much Roger loves Rafa? Like, I’m pretty sure this knee injury has been going on since the Australian Open (probably during Sandgren, definitely during Djokovic) but he played Match In Africa as if nothing was wrong. He probably made the knee worse by playing Match in Africa but didn’t want to miss out on the Fedal.


From the way Roger struggled during the AO, it is very likely he had that injury already at that time…and he’d rather risk injuring his knee further, than cancel the MIA 😔 because IT TOOK THEM TWO YEARS TO HAVE A DATE. 😭

Roger 😭😭😭

So I went through some of your posts concerning fedal and I found something interesting. You said they hold themselves (their emotions) back and sometimes don't express themselves fully like Roger would with Stan or Rafa with his spanish bros. I thought about it, and I agree. Rafa’s interesting. Both him and Roger are flirty people, however, while I do think he does have an admiration for Roger, his body language is…shy almost whenever he’s around him. (Part 1)

Anonymous said(cont’d): “It’s a stark difference to how he acts around other men; grabbing them and getting close. It’s funny because of how blatantly he flirts with other men; Andy and the girlfriend thing and even though he was annoyed at Novak during Hit for Haiti, he still let Novak rub him over with the towel and there was another instance between them where he rubbed his cheeks next to Novak’s and Nole felt him up. The POINT is he shamelessly flirts with these men, so why not Roger? We all know he doesn’t mind getting close and comfy with men but maybe if he did it with Roger, it’ll mean something…more to him. Just noticing the difference between how he acts with others and with rog. They’re almost hesitant with each other. And Roger gets even dorkier and giggles constantly. Like a schoolgirl crush type of way. Sorry this was unnecessarily long"

Exactly. I’ve been saying this forever and I think a lot of people agree. The thing is that we’ll probably never know. I’m sure by now that Roger knows we eat up the Fedal content and plays to it a bit, but what about that genuine affection there years ago when no one was talking about Fedal? It was obvious they were close in some way; Rafa looked up to Roger a lot when he was young and in awe of him and I think Roger was in awe of this kid who just showed up and beat the shit outta him lol But here’s a kid who could barely speak English and spoke to Roger like it was no big thing. Even now, I swear they have their own little language.
Look, we know how they treat their friends and how they treat each other, and they’re honestly quite different. The only way I can think to describe it is “quiet”; there is like this unsaid thing that looms in the air. And like you said, Rafa’s shyness. Now, is this because they’re still rivals and don’t wanna be too buddy-buddy? Perhaps. But consider this: Roger seems like he is willing to go to the ends of the earth for Rafa. He’s a huge part of his academy, he is always offering to help him, he’s planning a future where they take their kids to Prague and go to bars, he’s planning on reminiscing with Rafa on his yacht after retirement, he fawns over Rafa’s muscles and sleeveless tops, he looks at Rafa with more affection than any of my friends have certainly looked at me…
There’s gotta be more to the story. It’s hard to get a read on Rafa because he’s more private, but he’s done and said some really odd things either about Rog or around Rog over the years that just seem unnatural when it comes to a rival. And same with Rog. And yeah they’re friends and Roger will confirm it, but then someone on Rafa’s side will deny that they’re friends. It’s obvious to everyone else but when it comes to them describing what kind of relationship they have, they walk on eggshells. There’s always a weird vibe. I think they get annoyed getting questioned about each other all the time, especially Rafa, so yeah, there’s that. But you can tell the difference between annoyed and “I don’t know what to say.”
Maybe I’m completely off my rocker and don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about lol But come on; Laver Cup? The knowing looks Sascha and Marin (and even Tomas and Rod mothereffing LAVER!) gave them? The academy opening? 13 years of WTF?

👀👀👀 Novak seeing things like LC 2010?

The truth of Match in Africa:

Just two bitter rivals flirting blatantly in front of a record crowd

When the sun goes down,

and the band won’t play,

I’ll always remember us this way.

hey!! good to have you back with your life-saving content 😉 Anyways, the vid for mia has been taken down! what the hell? did twter took it down or had Gdsick anything to do with it? Maybe the kiss at the end was too much for some delicate minds

Hmm posting that near Valentine’s day with the kiss at the end was the right thing to do. It was WRONG to delete it. They should just call it by its name. It’s love! More Fedal kisses!