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Wimbledon was depressing but I hope you all know Roger has it all planned for his baby – sailing off in Majorca after they retire, Rafa moving to Switzerland, visiting Prague again with their children, reminiscing about their 5-set battles in rocking chairs…


I cried watching the last few minutes of Strokes of Genius. Fedal is special.



“It started off by me waiting for Rafa, because he always shows up late. No problem. We waited there. We were just…super tiny room. It was hot as…hot as hell there. We had the script. Everybody said, “Okay, two minutes. It’s gonna be super simple. We’ve got a script. Normally you can’t mess it up. And we sit down, and all these 10, 15 people in the room, "Okay, everything’s gotta be fast.” Because Rafa gotta go, I gotta go. So we sit down and I start talking and I look over to him [Rafa] and he looks at me. The moment he looked at me I just couldn’t talk anymore. I thought it was so awkward, that moment.

– Roger Federer on himself still not realising he’d been in love with Rafa when he shot the video promoting the charity match with Rafa x

I will reblog it again just so people know how in love Roger is with Rafa.

Rafa reportedly considering leaving Nike

Rafa reportedly considering leaving Nike:

Fedal in matching uniqlo shirts then?



Real self care is reading amazing Fedal fics when you’re super sad. Seriously, it’s the best medicine to feel better when you have a heavy heart.

that’s so true.

I don’t remember who Eliane is on Tumblr (please reveal yourself again you amazing human person) but reading her return to ithaca really made me feel better. We are so blessed they are still playing and the world has known such beautiful tennis. Roger lost but he lost rallying beautifully.


Someone better write a Fedal comfort fic in which Rafa goes to Roger’s house to comfort him.

God please let me see a pic of Rafa and Roger …

God please let me see a pic of Rafa and Roger interacting😩😩

Remember Fedal used to have matching Nike outf…

Remember Fedal used to have matching Nike outfit playing doubles and now it is no more💔

“I missed this,” Rafa said, low. Roger shut h…

“I missed this,” Rafa said, low.

Roger shut his eyes, breathing in. “Me too.”

“Was never the same, after you,” Rafa said. “Never the same.”

Roger tightened his arm around Rafa and Rafa turned in his grasp, fitting them together in a full hug, separated only by the net. It was strange and good and Roger buried his face in the crook of Rafa’s neck, heat and salt-taste, and held on as though he were drowning.

all the roads we have to walk by Aramley

6/10 quotes from Fedal fics that broke me


So Rafa and Roger both arrived Wimbledon.

God please let me see a pic of them together.