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Are you friends or rivals?
ROGER FEDERER: Can you be both? I think so. I really do. He’s a great person with great values, he’s got a great family. My family and his family, we respect each other immensely. He told me today that he cried when I won my French Open in ‘09, he was so happy for me. So, I mean, it’s a great rivalry, I know he only knows his career with me on the court, I knew a few years without him, which was nice because there was no Rafa which made things maybe a little bit easier, but then there was Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. He’s been wonderful for the game, he’s promoted this sport in the best possible way, he’s got a huge fanbase, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are Rafa fans and he deserves everything and all the praise he deserves it, and he’s a great person, so to get together and do things for a good cause, it’s only but normal I think for both of us.

Novak and Jelena at a wedding in Italy 

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Novak on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: “Blue skies, fresh air, and lots of love to go around 🌳”

Novak lost 3-6 6-7(4) 6-1 6-7(11) to Marco Cecchinato in the quarter finals of the French Open on Tuesday.

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Novak and Maria Sharapova hugging each other at the French Open on Saturday

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Great respect between Novak and Rafa after their clash in the semi finals in Rome

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Novak visiting the Miami Children’s Museum on Monday


Novak and Jelena spending some time in the mountains

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Something to remember: Novak and Ana Ivanovic teaming up to play the Hopman Cup in Perth together in previous years

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Annabel Croft: ‘Oh gosh, look at this moment here. What a special moment once again.’