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Are you friends or rivals?
ROGER FEDERER: Can you be both? I think so. I really do. He’s a great person with great values, he’s got a great family. My family and his family, we respect each other immensely. He told me today that he cried when I won my French Open in ‘09, he was so happy for me. So, I mean, it’s a great rivalry, I know he only knows his career with me on the court, I knew a few years without him, which was nice because there was no Rafa which made things maybe a little bit easier, but then there was Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. He’s been wonderful for the game, he’s promoted this sport in the best possible way, he’s got a huge fanbase, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are Rafa fans and he deserves everything and all the praise he deserves it, and he’s a great person, so to get together and do things for a good cause, it’s only but normal I think for both of us.


“All the fans out here tonight. You guys, you fill the stadiums, you make me nervous, you make me go out and practice and I’d just like to thank you.. for everything.” – Roger Federer after winning his 20th slam

Because the past is what happens, what has happened already. You can take lessons from that and learn from that to move forward. The future is something that you can only hope for. You cannot affect it. The present is where you are and what you can draw from it.

I truly believe that we are the creators of our own destiny and our own paths and what we really want.

“Federer won Wimbledon and Nadal the U.S. Open without facing Djokovic, Murray—or each other. Their warm relationship, meanwhile, made everyone a bit giddy. No press conference could pass without a question about their mutual admiration.

"I don’t want to look like I gonna be his boyfriend, no?” Nadal said after his Open quarterfinal, before—again—enumerating Federer’s charity, image, completeness and passion.“ – x

I’ll let the racquet do the talking"

– John McEnroe

Live freely. Breathe deeply. Love fully.

Live freely. Breathe fully. Love deeply.

Roger Federer keeps the tradition alive: pizza party with ballkids.

“I guess it still means I’ll be a ballboy too because at heart, I’ll always be a ballboy.” – Roger Federer

““I have reached levels that I never thought I would be able to reach, winning so many titles. Each title you can add is like a thrill. I am playing tennis to try to win titles. I always said that the ranking, if you’re not No. 1 in the world, doesn’t count really. It’s secondary. Now I’m lucky because both are in sight.”

Roger Federer reaches Rogers Cup finals (x)