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Rafael Nadal wins his 11th title in the Monte…

Rafael Nadal wins his 11th title in the MonteCarlo Rolex Masters

Only Roger is allowed to be the dominant one …

Only Roger is allowed to be the dominant one 👀


Rafa awaits patiently. After years of planning, work, effort and sacrifice by the entire Nadal family and a team delivered to the fascinating project, it was time to show the world the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, a project whose construction had been on November 3, 2014. And Rafa did not want to do it alone. He longed and wanted to live that historic date with Roger. No one better by his side to symbolize the legacy of a sport career so sacrificed and prolific.

– from the first chapter of the book Rafa & Roger


Then, Roger stops to read the words that Rafa has written in his own handwriting in the lower part of the box:

Dear Roger:

Thank you very much for your support in the official opening of my academy. Today is an unforgettable day for me, my family and my team. You cannot imagine how special that is having you here with us. Roger, this picture reflects all the moments that we have had together on the track. I watch them and see all the great memories that we have encountered in our careers. They will continue …

Roger looked at Rafa. And Rafa looked back at Roger. They embraced.

Federer knew the deep depth that these phrases had for the context, for the present set and for an indelible past. But, above all, for the future. It was the last word of the dedication that contains a background special, unique and full of optimism.

– from the first chapter of the book Rafa & Roger


And then, memories buried in silence begin to charge form with Federer’s initial dissertation. “I am about to say my first words here since I am injured,” the Swiss starts, “And I have to say that this time has been very simple for me: I have enjoyed at home, I have spent time with my family, the trainings have gone well ...” And at that moment Federer pauses for a moment to fix his gaze on Nadal. “But, honestly, I do not know how it’s going to be my return to the tracks.” Reflective, the Swiss, “You have done it a million times, so I will be able to inspire myself by you and how you have done it so easily.”

– from the first chapter of the book Rafa & Roger


“For more than a decade Rafa and Roger have lived with a relationship in which they have been labeled sportingly as adversaries and rivals . Superlative labels that have posted them to the Olympus of deities: Nadal and Federer are the most exemplary opponents, the rivals by antonomasia and the best archenemies in the history of tennis. But the appointment scheduled for November 19, 2016 [the opening of Rafa Nadal Academy] has nothing to do with the confrontation nor with rivalry. It has to do with companion.”

– from the first chapter of Rafa & Roger


Where did we meet, Rafa? Where did we meet, Roger? Somewhere in the world, but that does not matter at all. What it gives it really matters is all we have live.

– from the first chapter of Rafa & Roger


“Rafa Nadal does not remember exactly where he saw Roger for the first time, nor Roger Federer remembers where he saw Rafa Nadal for the first time.”

– the first freaking sentence of the first chapter of Rafa & Roger

The first time they teamed up and won, Roger e…

The first time they teamed up and won, Roger expected a high five but Rafa gave him a hug.
The second time they teamed up and won, Roger expected a hug but Rafa jumped into his arms instead.❤



No, it is not a mistake. I know Federer beat me in the final, although as far as I am concerned, I played the best tennis of my career.

Wimbledon was Rogerio’s garden, his private domain. He strolled around the court sweeping away any opponent who dared to tread on his grass with overwhelming superiority. I reached the final in 2006, and put up as much resistance as he let me. I suffered a worthy, though incontestable defeat: his hair hardly moved out of place. This time it was different.

I made him show his best, far from the lord of grass performing a ballet to a fellow puppet. This time he sweated, he sweated as never before and I even manged to bother him. Apart from the final set, Federer won all the others on tie break. He did not overwhelm me, it was a tight, nail biting match, probably one of the best of recent years.

The game that Fed-Ex develops on grass is… well, you know what I am talking about. I am not going to write an ode (he has got his own web for that, hasn’t he? ;-D) though sometimes I felt the impulse to stay there watching his technique. Then I was encouraged to think ‘am I facing up to this monster?’. And I acutally was, I even committed the blasphemy of punishing him with a severe 6-2 in the fourth set.
However, to Caesar what is Caesar’s. He was the best, that is why he won, that is why he is five times champion in London.

Wimbledon is the tournament of all tournaments, the cradle of tennis, and I was really close to winning it. The All England Club bade me farewell with a warm ovation and Roger, an extraordinary fellow with or without his racquet, spared no praise for me in his declarations, congratulating me for a great match and adressing me a few words that consoled any twinge of disappointment “You also deserved it”. Some day I will be the one who offers the trophy to the crowd.

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